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Slim GDI

GSM Door Intercom is usefull for different installation. You just insert SIM card and connect power supply, eventually connect el.lock. For its operation is used GSM network – so you dont need any telephone line or other cables.
· Model with 1 or 2 buttons. Under each button you can programm up to 7 phone numbers which are after button press progressivelly dialled.
· Automatic regulation of microphone volume.
· 2 independent , remotely controlled switching relays with different ways of activation (activation by ringing or by code during call, by button press, etc...)
· Recording of numbers from which you activated the relay by ringing
· 1 input for connection for example alarm (alerting by SMS) or for control of gate(door) opening (beeps during call) etc..
· Voice signalling of different events (for example. „ wait please“, „Open“ , etc...

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