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In the web interface - Service - Update Firmware - display present firmware version in door entry BOLD
Firmware file – by click to empty field select file with firmware (for example apt.firmware it is not file *.zip, but already unzip file – on website are firmware files packed to archive *.zip)
In Windows is display proces so firmware upgrade. When from any reason (power failure, network disconnection etc..) firmware upgrade is not finished then you find backup WEB interface for repeating of firmware upgrade.
If you have any problem so is possible by switch of DIP 2 switch to position on and restart on adress you find backup WEB interface for repeating of firmware upgrade. After do not forget move back DIP switch 2 to position OFF.
After firmware upgrade make restart of doorphone BOLD.
Information about the GPL license is here
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26.11.2015Empty styl (for erase)ZIP1 KB
26.1.2016File with sample of style Alphatech with possibilities use logo (picture)ZIP8 KB

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- increased internal memory for memory locations
- call length limit extended to 20 minutes
- solved the problem when displaying the page "User acoustic tones" after the RFID and thus rfid acoustic tones are disabled
3.5.3310.2.2021- RFID reader – communication to cards as same as taggs Mifare, NTAG on 13,56MHz.
- New sheet „RFID Reader“ enables selection for valid or invalid card:
  • Card authorization by external device via http or https
  • Acoustic tone
  • Relay closing
  • Email includes picture
- On the front page „Status“ is new fold describes info about RFID reader:
  • Reader status is „Not“ for unmarked reader
  • „Fail“ for not detected reader
  • Or type of detected reader
- Sheet Emails splited to:
  • SMTP server – email account setting only as same as sending out test message
  • Missed calls – here are moved items from origin sheet „Emails“ concerning emailssending after unsuccesfull call
- Sheet SMTP:
  • New field „Security“ enables select unsecure or secure email transmission
  • Button „Save & Test“ firstly save inserted values before sending test message and test processing shows in special window
  • New default values
- Small fold change in header of Phonebook sheet
- At all sheets to control external devices ( relay, RC commands, etc..) where used to insert URL HTTP is now possible insert also scripted protocol HTTPS.
- At all sheets where you insert any password is now at password field click „eye“
- To display inserted password instead of black points.
  • At passwords sending to external devices will be displayed also old sooner inserted password ( for example SIP, SMTP).
  • Sooner inserted passwords to access the door phone are never sending as same as are not displayed ( for example access to web interface)
- Email substitution:
  • into subject as same as email body is allowed to insert substitution $Date$, $Time$,$Device$,$User$.
  • Moreover at „Missed calls“ sheet is allowed to substitute $Dial Number$ and $Dial Name$.
  • At sheet „RFID reader“ is possible to add into email body $Response$ only. It will be substituted by content of html message body received from auth.server.
- New SIP INVITE header „X-Config“
- At sheet „RC commands“ new mark „iBELL Gong“.
3.5.312.7.2020- Light up SIP  settings
- Language phrases files clearing
- extending HTTP about non-persistent connection during relay control
- logging of  HTTP relay control into extended logfile for eventual later analyses
3.5.2029.10.2019- network JPEG image sending improvement
- optimizing (reducing) the H264 video stream from the camera
- Can send DTMF when key is pressed during a call
- HTTP authorization redesigned from Basic to Digest not to send the password over the network
- for access control of relays and buttons (RC) it is possible to turn on password access restriction
- new page "RC commands" for sending messages at the beginning / confirmation / end of a call or pressing a key or keyboard
New version for HD camera, 30 SIP accounts and HD audio
The IP BOLD doorphone has a new Firmware line. Switching between the previous Firmware line (up to version 3.4.60) and the new Firmware line (from version 3.5.10) is not possible. If this transition is required, the IP BOLD doorphone must be sent back to the factory to be overwritten with a new Firmware version.
The IP doorphones has a Firmware V3.0.31 - V3.4.60. Upgrading to V3.5.10 and higher is not possible without sending the unit to Alphatech company.
The IP doorphones has a Firmware V3.5.10 and higher. It is possible to use all newer versions of Firmware. Downgrade is possible only with condition (after this upgrade it is not possible to upgrade to a newer Firmware version without sending the unit to Alphatech company). However this is not recommended. Questions to email:
Important: If the IP doorphone has Firmware V3.0.31 - V3.4.60, upgrading Firmware is not necessary. It is not recommended. However, if the Customer still wishes to upgrade to a higher version of Firmware, the Customer agrees to cover all related shipping and transport insurance costs. All related transport costs back and forth are not covered by the supplier (i.e. Alphatech company or the sales partner), but only by the customer (i.e. the customer who wishes to make the FW upgrade). This applies to all types of IP doorphones with IP BOLD electronics including the IP doorphones under warranty.
extension to 6 SIP accounts. The outgoing call is default via the 1st SIP account, if you want to specify a specific SIP account, add the "/ no.SIP" for the phone number - example: I call the 998 phone number via the 3rd SIP account - I write the 998/3 to the phonebook.
- Switches
     - limitation of the switch function by time table
     - the function of the switch can be blocked by the door sensor input
3.4.5621.9.2018- Better filter for button pressing
3.4.527.8.2018- Support new audio circuit (fullduplex audio, better echo cancellation) - can be used in all version of IP BOLDs
Firmware less than 3.4.50 can not be used in dorphones made after 1.7.2018 - a new audio circuit.
- Scheduled restart either from system startup or at specific time using real time (NTP)
3.4.4115.1.2018- Email client - SSL code SMTP / port 587  (Email account is possible use for example Gmail)
3.4.4012.12.2017- new feature for Email - substitution for called subscriber name $DialName$
3.4.3928.11.2017- support iOS (Apple) applications
- when the button is pressed, the ringing tone is triggered immediately and the response from the SIP agent is not expected
- to activate the relay, you can enter and use the DTMF buttons * and # (asterisk and cross)
- an option to deactivate the buttons that did not cause the current call
- Compensation to ignore ICMP from Windows when trying to TCP connection
- If some of the dialed numbers are 'Busy', it will not output a busy tone at the end of the calling process, but the previous priority tone (if there was an error, the 'error' tone if there was no error, and the 'end of call' tone)
- "487 Request Terminated" counterparty response does not end a sequential call, but will continue
- Improved camera resuscitation after communication failure due to interference to USB cable (EMI)
3.4.304.4.2017Video preview for newest telephone Yealink
- Added VoIP log for immediate monitoring of events
- Improved protection against failure of the camera image
- Correction remote control WEB relay by using authentication
(For example:.http://admin:1234@
- optimalization WEB server overload shrunk IP-Bold when multiple accesses to IP-Bold
3.4.2220.10.2016- new feature, is possible reject incomming call
- error in enter value of parameter isdisplayed by red frame
- better registration on SIP server
- maximum time for WAV messages is prolong to 30sec
- support for newest Snom
V3.4.1614.9.2016- this version It lets you use customization for hide menu items
V3.4.1525.8.2016- fixed problem with error tone if was be enter valid external code (from buttons), which was be fill in Phone book
V3.4.910.6.2016- improvement in video start on the phone Grandstream
- Improved support for H.264 transmission
- Improved support for HTTP request for a Web browser
V3.4.328.4.2016- add new features "SIP 'User Agent"
- costomization file is used in the same way as styl file - on page "Style and language"
- the improved detection Keyboard
V3. from this version is possible connect to IP BOLD keyboard or additional buttons
V3.3.1025.3.2016- repaired codec H.263 (mosaic screens)
- Adding a second password different from the password management (setting door phone) to protect video.
      the default password guard adjustment is the name: admin / password1 1234
      the default password for watching video name: video / password2 1234
- Fixed bug failure video when pressed button
V3.3.719.2.2016- enable function "Direct on button" (call + close relay)
- door sensors inputs have two functions - door sensor or exit button
- remote simulation of  pressing the call button by http command - as an example for the call button2 =  http:// "ipboldipaddress" /button_control?btn=2
V3. Easy work with signaling tones and audio files on SD card
- Beter automatic restart Camera module on USB (grey picture)
- Fixed problem when selecting video quality
- Already has all time zones
- Added 'NAT Address', thus public IP address under which the SIP message goes out to the Internet
- The user next style can also upload Logo
V3. fixed handling codec video H.264
V3. repair SMTP registration
V3. support the FritzBox
- Functional PopUp program UDV Panel, UDVguard for Android and iOS
- Fixed audio quality
- Corrected tone volume
- Defaulted mode TCP & UDP
- Shortening jpeg image
- Not upgraded the volume of acoustic tone
- The character 'used in French disrupted the web interface
- Repair gray H263 video
- Repair password protected JPEG Video
- Correction of multiple income DTMF in multiple transmitting DTMF
- Item 'telnet' is not visible and can be viewed using the customization for selected customer
- Checking and put into operation telnet
- Manual selection of SIP transport (UDP, TCP, TCP & UDP) is the default UDP
- If the ringtone is possible (with suitable handsets, for example. GXV3275), look who's at the door without being recognized outside Incoming
- default parameters for video = SW mode
- default styl for rescue web is blank
- repair security output switches (COSW)
- solved licenses G729
- finish for the enhancement of image processing
- startup version
Last change: 29.1.2020
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