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Messages floors in the elevator cabin

Announcing of messages in several languages
Include SD-card with all message and firmware and settings (up to 2GB)
To record your own message can be used

- SD-card reader
- PC with USB (without driver – mass storage)

Possibility change firmware, setting and message by using SD-card reader, by using PC with USB (without driver – mass storage),  optional by using ethernet connection (remote - long distance)
Floor annunciation
Gong simulation
Easy setting
High quality of voice
Possibility to record your own messages - WAV files (16bit, 14KHz sample) practically isn't limitation of the number of messages and duration of message look to large capacity SD-card
PC program with all function for SD-card record, USB connection or Ethernet connection with floor talker.
Type of announcements:

- “door is closing“
- “next direction of movement …up“,
- “cabin overloaded“
- “lift is in fire service”

4 LED indication for easy install
4 DIP switch for easy install – the lowest floor selection, language selection, input code selection, basic mode section (gong, move of cabin, open/close door)
Dimensions:  105 x 90 x 25mm
Power supply: DC 10-30V / max 200mA, minus is common
Output power: 1W / 8ohms
you use speaker in cabin or speaker in Remic or NLLW, output of Floor Talker is through relay, board have connector speaker in, speaker out

- serial or binary (parallel)
- in default is 8 typical input codes

Input levels 0-2V = "0" 8-24V = "1", active is "0", pull up resistors - 22Kohm

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