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GSM LiftWatch Voice

The GSM lift watch is designed for emergency call from lift cabin to first aid ( service department, security, etc..). The unit is developed up directive EN 81-28 / EN 81-70.
It is the successor to GSM LiftWatch, which additionally provides:
  • Voice messages not only for activation / establishing a connection, but also for next 12 statuses, which may occur during operation.
  • built-in backup Li-Ion battery
  • remote controlled relay
  • and much more (see. Properties folder).
You will certainly appreciate easy installation and setup. No worries with a landline, clearly settings with a single SMS message.
Communicator for 1 cabine
ReMic not possible parallel connection
ReMicL for parallel connection (in/above/below cabine) - LED on box / external   
ReMicA for parallel connection (in/above/below cabine) - LED output is possible use for bulb or LCD panel too
ReMicB for parallel connection (in/above/below cabine) - special metal version into the shaft


  • Basic unit                            131 x 111 x 38,5    mm
  • Module ReMic                    110 x    78 x  52 mm (bez úchytů)
Power supply
  • Power supply                      from 8 to  30V dc, 50 - 500mA (according to traffic)
  • Embedded battery             Li-Ion 2000 mAh - approx 12h operation   in standby mode
  • Inputs                                   2x – 1x blocking calls,   1x universal
  • Output                                  1x changeover contact   relay 24V/100 mA
Further   parameters
  • 14 programmable voice messages, each max. 8 sec.
  • Programmable contents of status SMSs
  • 7 programmable phone numbers for sequential   dialing emergency call
  • 7 programmable phone numbers for sequential   dialing service call
  • Working without PIN / with PIN code -   automatically generate a random PIN for SIM card
  • Evidence of service interventions on the elevator   with the date of the last intervention

Example of connection

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