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SMS Mail

Object of program and brief description of its functioning

  • Program can be used for transfer of SMS messages using GSM data gates (both with analog port and RS-GATE module and with ISDN port and REM module). In addition it can be used with Mini Gate A and Blue Gate SIP etc.

  • Incoming SMS messages are transformed in order to be accepted as a usual e-mail by usual programs for emails (Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird etc.). Similarly, outgoing e-mail messages are converted by the program into SMS messages and are sent to the connected gate.

  • It is possible to route delivering of SMS to the particular PC by writing of the relevant name of PC in the net on the beginning of SMS. Usual SMS messages can be read using all PCs that are available for PC with SMS_Mail program within the local net. Telephone numbers for SMS are entered in a form compatible with e-mail ones – it is possible to save them into directory as other e-mail addresses.

  • The program collaborates with GSM gate in batches. In pre-set time intervals, it withdraws SMSs collected by GSM gate and sends SMSs delivered as e-mails from SMTP clients.

  • If after connection to the gate, the program detects that the gate is cast by call, it will postpone change of SMS messages.

  • When the connection with the GSM gate is established, the program permanently listens as SMTP and POP3 server on relevant ports. After first establishment of connection, the program deals with requirements of e-mail clients independently on the fact whether it is connected to the gate or not.

  • The program is intended for example for an independent PC. However, it can function also as SMTP and POP3 server for more PCs in a local net.

  • The program can work also in mode without interaction with screen or keyboard. Thus, it is possible to run it automatically e.g. from planned tasks after PC start or from administrator account as service application.

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