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GSM gate with module Siemens TC 35i

Mini Gate A is dual band GSM Gate based on Siemens GSM module TC 35 ( eventually MC 55) equipped by a lot of adjustable features increased comfort of service. It has been designed for GSM network 900 MHz as same as 1800 MHz.

  • Polarity reversal of telephone line allows exact detection of start and end of call.

  • CLIP support all ordinary protocols and allows send not only incoming call number but also name ( when is saved in phonebook).

  • Call billing allows control exact call duration due tax pulses 12/16 kHz (1. pulse when outgoing call is picked up).

  • Beeps in minute period into the call allows easy identification of GSM call.

  • Integrated USB port with PC software allows you easy configuration as same as sending and receiving SMS messages ( via SMS mail sw)* or data transmission.



  • Waiting for dial after pick up 1 - 99 sec or unlimited                        

  • Waiting for last digit of dial  1 - 15 sec

  • Dial after preprogrammed number of digits 1 - 19

  • Immediate dial sent up setting „#“ or „*“

  • Permitted direction ( 9 memories of 4 digits numbers)

  • Dial type setting

  • CLIR

  • CLIP

  • Call billing ( tax pulses 12/16 kHz)

  • Reversal polarity ( start and end of call)

  • Roaming  ON / OFF

  • Call duration control

  • Time beeps in call

  • GSM signal strength identification

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