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GSM gate for primar  ISDN  

Technical parameters

Dimensions (W x H x D)
                    482 x 133 x 360 mm (19" x 3U x 360 mm)
Weight (full configuration)
                13,8 kg
Power supply
                               110-120V AC , 220-240V AC/ 50-60Hz optional
Power input
                               max. 380VA

Mobile network type
                        GSM phase 2/2+
Transmission output per channel
            900MHz / 2W, 1800MHz / 1W
VF connector
                               RF connector 50 Ohm
                                           GSM boards with Siemens TC35i

PRI Interface(s)
                                 1-4 x ISDN PRI
                                  Q.931-EDSS1, Q-SIG
Type (NT or TE)
TEI number
                                 0 - 63
Clock (master or slave)
                                           RJ 45
D channel timeslot

Working temperature range
                 0°C to + 50°C
Relative humidity max.
                    95% at 40°C
Air - condition

Remote Control Line types
Type of line
                                           Ethernet10/100 BaseT


  • Connection to the exchange through ISDN E1 interface with DSS1 signaling or QSIG

  • Connection to DTMF extension line through direct dialing

  • Connection directly to the operator or the determined line

  • Connection to the operator after a time period elapse (adjustable) to select an extension line

  • Transfer of the number of the calling subscriber in the exchange (CLIP)

  • Limitation of outgoing calls in GSM network

  • Limitation of incoming calls from GSM network

  • Priority connection through each of GSM module (LCR)

  • Setting own time rate by 1 second or only in case of establishing connection

  • Selection of the GSM service provider separately for each GSM module

  • SIM card protection using PIN

  • Detailed gate parameters setting from PC through a program for Windows 98/2000/XP

  • Channel assotiation 1:1with GSM modules

  • Call progress tone ON/OFF

  • Echo cancelation

  • Roaming ON/OFF

  • Diagnostics of ISDN lines, GSM Modules Status and Credit

  • Status of modules with signal quality

  • Statistics

  • SMS server

  • Alarm indication

  • Power supply 8-12 V DC

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