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To set the communicator NLLW using a personal computer (PC) is required to have special KAB cable to the serial port and program LiftSet, it is also necessary to have NLLW communicator connected to the telephone line.
- Connect the communicator NLLW on line, or line simulator
- Connect the cable KAB communicator and a PC (unless the PC serial port, then the reduction is necessary to use a USB - COM). The communicator will pick up line

WARNING - This cable converter provides galvanic isolation  12V/3V

Since mid-2008 can use the USB cable instead of a serial, LiftSet is necessary to use V2.0 and later. Drivers for 32bit 64 bit version for Windows PC can be downloaded here:
USB Driver for cable NUDV 32bit (W98,WME,W2000,WXP,Vista)
USB Driver for cable NUDV 32/64bit
(WXP, Vista, W7, W8)    tested  for Windows®7, Windows8
The content of the ZIP archive to a folder, expand in its sole discretion, after connecting the USB cable to your PC you will be asked to travel to the driver, there select the path to your folder and follow the instructions the installer USB devices.

WARNING - This cable converter provides galvanic isolation 5V/3V

LiftSet run - dialer notifies the transition to the PC mode programming. After a period of activity (running) program LiftSet communicator is in this mode - LEDs indicate the status (if involved) in the cabin alternately flashing 1 sec. If you lose your connection is necessary to disconnect the cable from the communicator and connect it again - and pick up the communicator if you are running LiftSet and shall transition into programming mode.

Last change: 19.11.2019
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