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Firmware upgrade
Install program for programming new firmware - English UP or Czech UP

Picture of setting this programm
Schematic of the special programming cable
Schematic of principe programming new firmware to NUDV
Manual of use interface PRESTO in  English or Czech language

Firmware version:

  • V1.3   start basic firmware (30.4.2004)

  • V1.4   repair repeat of dial on busy tone, repair count of buttons (1.10.2004)

  • V1.5  repair read press buttons, default mode is DAY, better read RS232 cable (10.10.2004)

  • V1.6  repair start oscilator by is cold (1.11.2004)

  • V1.7  keyboard expansion to 3.places (up to 18 buttons and keyboard)  (10.1.2005)

  • V1.8  version with new algorithm for line pick up for SIEMENS PBX  (19.10.2005)

---------------------------- NEW Handsfree circuit (3-trimers) ---------------------------------

  • V6.7  change handsfree circuit and V1.7 change to V6.7 (15.2.2005)

  • V6.8  version with new algorithm for line pick up for SIEMENS PBX  (9.9.2005)

  • V6.9  repair repeat call in mode 2.groups if not reply  (11.12.2005)

  • V7.0  new feature - enable or disable accoustic signalling (24.2.2006)

  • V7.1  new feature - enable or disable delay on start up for new type PBX (Siemens ...) (20.3.2006)

  • V7.2  repair loop in watchdog for sporadic freezing of doorphone (24.3.2006)

  • V7.3  new inicialization control watchdog (29.3.2006)

  • V7.4  implementation 4 digit prefix of dial - using for VoIP (24.7.2006)

  • V7.6  include remote control from PC  (7.7.2007)

  • V7.7  repair pulse dialing with prefix  (4.9.2007)

  • V7.8  new feature - enable or disable dial DTMF from keyboard during conversation. This function it is possible switch on only from telephone in mode programming by code 401 and switch off - 400.  (4.12.2007)

  • V7.9  repair dial DTMF from keyboard AND add button "i" for SK version (10.2.2008)

  • V8.0  set what is dial after push button "key" on keyboard - 401 = *, 402 = #, 403=A  (12.3.2008)

derivate from version 8.0:

  • V8.1  reject receive DTMF from microphone NUDV (22.3.2008) basic is V8.0

  • V8.2  baby call - if tel.numer is empty, that beep and no hang up (15.5.2008) basic is V8.0

  • V8.3  short time - time of relay is divide two (half time)  (27.1.2009) basic is V8.0

  • V8.5  new posibilities - from Nset PC program (Version 3.5 and higher) set in NUDV parameters of tone detector (frequency, time)

  • V8.8  changed ratio high / down group of frequencies in DTMF - easy call on VoIP gates and digital systems  (30.5.2012)

  • V9.0 enable control relay 2 from phone in mode 5  (23.7.2013)

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